Tasting the Streets of Bangkok

Bustling Street Food

If you haven’t already heard, I spent five months studying at Thammasat Business School in Bangkok. I cherished my new friendships, I explored the bustling city, and I FELL IN LOVE with the local cuisine. Thankfully, my University was located near Ta Prachan Market, which had people everywhere. In Bangkok, it goes without saying: where there is people, there is food.


Every school day I anxiously waited to scurry out of my 9 A.M. class to sample the flavors of the street. Tom Yum Gung (hot and sour soup), Gang Keow Wan (Thai Green Curry), and Kai Jiew Moo Saap (Thai Omelette) were definitely some of my go-tos for lunch in between classes. BUT, my all-time favorite dishes included Pad See Ew, Pad Ga Pow Moo Kai Dow, and Bamee Kaew Moo Daeng. All can be found for under 50 baht ($1.60) and eaten in less than 5 minutes!


Some of my mid-day favorites included...

Pad See Ew

Not quite as famous as Pad Thai (although it should be), this standard street food noodle dish is made with sen yai (wide thin rice noodles), charred pak kana (Chinese broccoli), pork, egg, and seasoned with dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, and black pepper! The key to a flavorful pad see ew is cooking the dish on extremely hot fire. Probably my most ordered fried noodle dish in Bangkok! 


Pad Ga Pow Moo Kai Dow

Little did I know that this stir-fried dish is THE most popular dish and is served at every authentic thai restaurant. Ground chicken or beef is stir fried in a rich garlic oil sauce with green vegetables and hot hot hot chilies-- Consistent and satisfying! Try it with a fried egg on top of rice to cool down the spiciness. Yep, my mouth is watering!


Bamee Kaew Moo Daeng

The first day I arrived in Bangkok my friend Courtney and I wanted to explore our new neighborhood. Tucked away from the sidewalk, we came across fold-up tables crowded with people slurping down hot noodle soup, keep in mind it was 90 degrees. Intrigued by the eating style, we sat down and ordered by pointing to other’s bowls (that’s how it went 90% of the time). You know you’re eating Bamee Kaew Moo Kai Dow if you see red BBQ pork hanging in a glass case and a pile of yellow noodles. Egg noodles, choy sum ( a cabbage), red BBQ pork, and broth are combined to make a steamy, tasty bowl of goodness.


Bangkok's food filled streets are heavenly! There are SO many unique dishes to sample. When in Bangkok, TASTE EVERYTHING!